Alternate Shot Pairs Congrats to our new member Kingsley with his huge handicap and great assistance from his partner Herman. 

Texas Scramble / 3Club only 2 played these 2 tournaments so no deal

May Medal  Good turnout with 17 golfers...results here Medal Results

Night Golf was a hoot...results were given on the night but are here also Night Golf

Cross Country we had fun...results here XCountry

UDH Open Our guys will travel to Udhailliyah this weekend for the annual Open tournament so just open play if you are still in Abqaiq.

Opening Day Medal A good turnout with 17 golfers battling the wind, that's my excuse anyway. Results here Medal Results Freddie 1st, Manny 2nd, Paul 3rd.

2018 Season Starting After our recent board meeting it was decided to start the tournaments in April, so our first Medal will be April 6th and Medals will be the first tournament of the month followed by fun and interesting ones. The Gruesome one is a scramble where you play the worst of the two shots determined by your opponents so that will be interesting, and as it takes longer time maybe we will limit that to 9 holes in the hot weather. There is double the budget this year as we have a bit of spare cash left so prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd net places will be 250-150-100. Also as we are flush we will waive the annual fee so more will come and play, if you have been good and lashed out already you will be refunded by our stingy treasurer Roby. Remember to play in a relaxed but timely manner, 4:10 is the expected time for a round and if you have trouble getting partners its because you are too slow, especially in the hot weather, so find other slow guys and play with them. You should be hitting after arriving at your ball within 30 seconds. The sign up pages for the three April tournaments are now open but you can always send me an email if you cant access them, but using the system is best for my plans. Lets have fun this year. Tentative schedule here 2018 Tournaments

Results for the 18th Annual Abqaiq Open Golf Tournament 2016

The 18th Annual Abqaiq Open Golf Tournament was held  last Friday the 28th of October 2016. Many thanks to all the golfers who participated, the helpers who facilitated the registration, signup, gate access, scoring, marshaling, prizes, goodie bags, food and all the other jobs that go on in the background. ANGC would especially like to thank Andy Smith and his recreation team who provided sponsorship, materials and facilitated the camp access, and our President Kevin for all the work he put in. Although we had many players cancel we had some 70 golfers, some playing their first match ever on sand, and we had some fun in the good weather. I think locals were again outnumbered by the Bahrain contingent and this was reflected in the scoring with 6 out of the 8 prizes going over the causeway. However your Tournament Manager George and local physician Seymour represented us on the podium with 2nd and 3rd in the net draw, and Rod from RHCC in the skill prizes. Full listings can be accessed on the links below and some 160 photos kindly taken by our official photographer Chito will be posted soon, if you need copies let me know. I think we had a successful tournament and hope to see you all in 2017. Its getting cool out there now so come play, we need new members to replace the many retirements we have had. Handicaps have been updated for ANGC members.
Click Here for Gross Results     Click Here for Net Results 



2016 ANGC Meeting Minutes

The minutes for the January 2016 ANGC Board meeting can be accessed here

The minutes for the February 2016 ANGC Board meeting can be accessed here

The club information page will be updated shortly for easier access of these and future minutes..

13 February 2016

Golf Lessons
We have a new golf professional Shane Carey who is available for coaching at the range most evenings and weekends.

19 January 2015
 2015/16 Signup Changes

There are a few changes to the signups for 2015 onwards... 

First, the cutoff date has been changed to 4:00 pm on the Wednesday prior to the event in order to give the Tournament Director sufficient time to prepare the cards. 

Second, at the bottom of (almost) every signup page is a button to see the players currently signed up to participate in the event.  This will enable golfers to check if they have previously signed up.  Also, if you signed up and can't participate, you can delete your signup through the same link.

Third, links to Signups and Results will be available through the 2016 Tournament Schedule page instead of on a separate page.

03 January 2015
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