Ain Nakhl Golf Club

Partner Handicap Match Play Rules

All teams are grouped  in a single elimination competition ladder based on handicap on date of preparation using 75% of posted handicap differential on day of competition.


Two teams arrange to play their patner handicap match one afternoon. Team 1 is Robert and Barnie & Team 2 is Colin and Brian. Robert has a 6 handicap, Barnie 12, Colin 18 and Brian 20. Robert has the lowest handicap of 6 therefore:

In the compettion, Robert plays off scratch (0), Barnie gets 5 strokes, Colin 9 storkes & Brian 11 strokes. These strokes are taken starting at highest handicap hole as designated on the score card, ie starting at #6 etc.


Competitors have to agree on the date and time to play the match game and should inform the Tournament Director of the schedule before the match.  All rounds of the competition must be played on or before scheduled dates published in ANGC website and posted on the Match Play Board in club house.  Failure to complete the match on the scheduled date(s) will result to a loss of Match play of a competitor(s). This means that if a Competitor cannot make the match play within schedule dates for whatever reasons, then, he losses the match.

Note: A match play weekend is schedule for each month.


Match Play competitions are not permitted to be played during Stroke Play events. USGA Rule 33-1 states “that certain special rules governing stroke play are so substantially different from those governing match play that combining the two forms is not practicable and is not permitted. The results of matches played and the scores returned in these circumtances mut not be accepted”.

Members electing to play their match play competition in a stroke play event will automatically become ineligible to compete for prizes in the stroke play event.

Disputes & Decisions:

All disputes and decisions in Club Match Play competions must be presented to the Board for their input.

ANGC Tournament Committee